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Filmmaker-choreographer, Laura Carruthers, leads world class performing artists in a stunning, feature film memoir that travels the elements of her story on a breathtaking flight of dynamic choreography, cinematography, realization, and resolve. Grace Fury is the brainchild of Laura’s fire and grace, cultivated over years of pioneering in the arts. As a bridge between dance theatre and autobiographical film, the film speaks both poetically and candidly to the challenges of building projects for film and stage, outside, between, and across domains – as a woman, shouldering her homage to the Classical and Scottish Highland dance traditions, yet bound to move hearts and minds to a new point of shared calling… of greater freedom and connection.

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Every chapter opens with a medley of choreographies that reflect Laura’s signature blend of Celtic, contemporary, and Classical vocabularies, while representing her experiences and sentiments throughout her journey. But each of these technically and theatrically vibrant dances is disrupted – deliberately frustrated by filmic communication, style, and intimacy – tempered by an inner voice off stage and on location in the American Southwest and in Argyll, Scotland. Her thoughts, questions and realizations enlighten as they darken, leaving room for some dramatic mystery, with a bit of puzzle and poetry in her prose that nearly takes her full circle. But it’s an unearthed Celtic spiral that drives this story, inside and out – in substance and in form. Grace Fury winds up in a new place to make her stand and her peace, matured with a new sense of connectedness and meaning in person and purpose.

“…an autobiographical journey through dance, imagery, spoken word and the power of presence that redefines everything you’ve ever expected dance to be in a documentary…Thought provoking and freeing, immensely entertaining and trailblazing, Grace Fury is an absolute must see for connoisseurs of the arts and unique, compelling artistic expressions. “
— Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

Cross-cultural. Interdisciplinary. Woman-Empowering. Progressive.
The grace and fury of one woman’s passion can embody and move big ideas.

Her Depth…

“I look forward to presenting my latest film, Grace Fury, a very personally meaningful endeavor, that speaks from both tradition and experimentation. Although she is fundamentally biographical, revealing my progression in thought and purpose from vulnerable, firsthand exploration, I use symbol, metaphor, and fictional action from my earliest short films not only to enhance the film’s mystery and depth, but to mark my artistic “evolution”…Key elements preserved from my other projects, on stage or in short film – merged with fresh ideas and new footage – give Grace Fury layered, comprehensive form and substantiate her authentic perspective… I hope others will see her full, nuanced being and join me in her message of grace, hope and faith.”            — Laura Carruthers

Her Elements…

Artistic Direction – Choreography
Stage/Video Production Design
Edit – Script – VoiceLCcredit

The DancersSeth Belliston
Laura Carruthers
Matthew Powell
John J. Todd
Kim Mikesel
Deanna Doyle
Richard Glover
Monica Stephenson
Evan Swenson
Lawrence Neuhauser
Lauren Hamilton
Kelly Ann Sloan
Carlos Hopuy

Executive ProducersCarruthers & Co.

General Manager & EngineerMark Grossman

Associate / Casting ProducersJohn J.Todd
Matthew Powell
Seth Belliston


Special EffectsIsaac Mendoza

Director of PhotographyAnka Malatynska, ASC

Production Manager
First Assistant Director
Kim “Kacy” Palmieri

Co-Director of PhotographyDanny Alaniz

Lighting DesignerJared A. Sayeg

Camera OperatorsMichael Jake Kerber
Edd Lukas
James Takata
Kristina Schulte-Eversum

SteadicamJames Takata

Lead Make-Up/HairAnn “Abby” Lyle

Wardrobe Design ConsultantsRichard Glover
Seth Belliston

Documentary CameraLiz Hinlein

Special thanks
James Chressanthis, ASC