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Carruthers & Co. releases acclaimed film

Grace Fury: A Voice With Legs

“left me speechless and in awe” The Independent Critic

“fully immersive, fantastical experience” in Magazine

“refreshing and inspiring”  Candid Cinema

“breathtaking choreography and cinematography” Short Redhead Reel Reviews

“offers up boundless variety”Pop Culture Passionistas

“one of the most rare and unique artist / storytellers I’ve come across…
Mike Sargent ReelWorld/ WBAI – NYC

Laura Carruthers…

A six-time national champion and world ranked Scottish Highland dancer, a former member of Ballet Arizona, and an honors graduate of ASU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Laura Carruthers develops uniquely beautiful and insightful projects in both theatre and film, that combine her abilities to direct, choreograph, perform, arrange music, and edit. A wild ‘n’ classy originality springs from her fusion of artistic styles and techniques, depth of vision, and collaborative performances with some of the very best in music, dance, and cinematography. Discover More

Her concert work, namely Fire & Grace, has sold-out local theaters and toured regionally. Her short musicals, Driven Celtic and Outside In, have screened nationally and abroad, also earning independent film festival nominations and awards. Each project, recorded and/or presented live, shares the inspiration of Celtic music pioneers, including Alasdair Fraser, Capercaillie, and Bad Haggis, industry-leading cinematographers, like James Chressanthis, ASC and Anka Malatynska ASC, and dance masters from Los Angeles to Montréal and NYC. Discover More

More recently, an eclectic cast of twelve, all-star dancers from major companies and Broadway productions joined Carruthers at the Alex Theatre in performances that bring life, color, and character to the vibrant, feature film, Grace Fury: A Voice With Legs. This pinnacle work in fire and grace travels her thoughts, her discoveries, and the elements of her story on a breathtaking flight of dynamic choreography and cinematography. The film has already enjoyed success, among film experts and enthusiasts across the country and abroad, with numerous festival selections and awards, including  Best Dance Film, Best Experimental Film, Best Director & Choreographer, and Best Editing. Carruthers released Grace Fury: A Voice With Legs to the public on April 20th. Discover More
“I love working with Laura…this movement is fascinating to me…it’s so fast…she has an amazing background…she knows exactly what she wants…it’s inspiring…it’s great to be a part of.”
John J. Todd (LA)
“Laura is…her own being which I love…that’s part of the thing that really interested me about this project…it was unlike anything that I had ever done before… ”
Matthew Powell (NYC)