Grace Fury receives Best Director & Choreographer Award at the San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival 2017

“Grace Fury” Left Me Speechless and in Awe

By: Richard Propes |  October 23, 2017 | The Independent Critic

Canada Independent Film Festival Laurels 2018Grace Fury – Official Selection
Canada Independent Film Festival – 2018

International Womens Film Festival Laurels 2017Grace Fury – Official Selection
International Women’s Film Festival – 2017

LA Underground Film Forum-2017Grace Fury – the Honorable Mention Award
LA Underground Film Forum – 2017

Glendale International Film Festival Laurels 2017Grace Fury – a documentary feature selection
Glendale International Film Festival 2017

World Music & Indie Film Festival 2018 LaurelsGrace Fury – an experimental feature selection
World Music and Independent Film Festival 2018

San Francisco International New Concept Film FestGrace Fury – a feature film selection
San Francisco International Film Festival 2017

A Voice with Legs: Laura Carruthers Translates Dance into Film

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INTERVIEW: Laura Carruthers brings Scottish Highland traditions to new film

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Laura Carruthers Innovates Dance and Dares Us To Dream in Grace Fury

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Laura Carruthers Elevates Scottish Highland with Grace Fury

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Laura Carruthers Elevates Scottish Highland with “Grace Fury”

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Laura Carruthers is ‘Grace Fury:’ The dancer that dares us to dream

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Audio Interview: Laura Carruthers – performer, choreographer, filmmaker

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Born to Dance: Laura Carruthers on Scottish Highland Dancing and Art Through Collaboration

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“I love working with Laura…this movement is fascinating to me…it’s so fast…she has an amazing background…she knows exactly what she wants…it’s inspiring…it’s great to be a part of.”
John J. Todd (LA)
“Laura is…her own being which I love…that’s part of the thing that really interested me about this project…it was unlike anything that I had ever done before… ”
Matthew Powell (NYC)