“Grace Fury” Left Me Speechless and in Awe

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Deborah Kobylt LIVE: Laura Carruthers

The immensely talented Laura Carruthers stops by to tell us all about her newest autobiographical feature film Grace Fury.
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Interview by Susan Baroncini-Moe
Episode 048 – Entrepreneurship in the Arts

Susan Baroncini-Moe |  February 7, 2018 | 2Questions.TV
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A Voice with Legs: Laura Carruthers Translates Dance into Film

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Podcast Interview: A Life of Dance (Episode 023)

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Grace Fury: A Unique Film Blending Dance, Music and Narrative

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The Sheldon Eskin Show: Laura Carruthers

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INTERVIEW: Laura Carruthers brings Scottish Highland traditions to new film

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Laura Carruthers Innovates Dance and Dares Us To Dream in Grace Fury

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Laura Carruthers Elevates Scottish Highland with Grace Fury

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Laura Carruthers Elevates Scottish Highland with “Grace Fury”

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Audio Interview: Laura Carruthers – performer, choreographer, filmmaker

By: Robert Schimmel  |  Aug. 6th, 2016  |  Lake Tahoe Art Scene – KOWL


Manhattan Film Festival Laurels 2018Grace Fury – World Theatrical Premiere – WINNER / Best Experimental Feature
Manhattan Film Festival – 2018

Golden State Film Festival Laurels 2018Grace Fury – L.A. Premiere – WINNER / Best Dance Film
Golden State Film Festival – 2018

Worldfest-Houston International Film Fest Laurels 2018Grace Fury – WINNER / “PLATINUM” Remi for Documentary
Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival – 2018

World Music & Indie Film Festival 2018 LaurelsGrace Fury – WINNER / Best Woman Filmmaker
World Music and Independent Film Festival 2018

San Francisco International New Concept Film FestGrace Fury – WINNER / Best Director & Choreographer
San Francisco International Film Festival 2017

Nice International Filmmaker Festival Laurels 2018Grace Fury – Nominated for Best Documentary Feature, Best Director, and Best Editing
International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema – NICE 2018

Amsterdam Filmmaker Festival Laurels 2018Grace Fury – Nominated for Best Director, Best Cinematographer, and the Jury Award
International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema – Amsterdam 2018

Canada Independent Film Festival Laurels 2018Grace Fury – Official Selection
Canada Independent Film Festival – 2018

International Womens Film Festival Laurels 2017Grace Fury – Official Selection
International Women’s Film Festival – 2017

** The Honorable Mention AwardLA Underground Film Forum-2017
LA Underground Film Forum – 2017

Glendale International Film Festival Laurels 2017Grace Fury – a documentary feature selection
Glendale International Film Festival 2017


“I love working with Laura…this movement is fascinating to me…it’s so fast…she has an amazing background…she knows exactly what she wants…it’s inspiring…it’s great to be a part of.”
John J. Todd (LA)
“Laura is…her own being which I love…that’s part of the thing that really interested me about this project…it was unlike anything that I had ever done before… ”
Matthew Powell (NYC)