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Filmmaker-choreographer, Laura Carruthers,directs world class performing artists in a mesmerizing feature film that travels the elements of her story, as she dares to build new work, from the ground up. Together, they take us on a breathtaking flight of choreography, cinematography, realization, and resolve that bring life and character to the film, Grace Fury. Cultivated over years of pioneering in the arts, while shouldering her homage to the Classical and Scottish Highland Dance traditions, Grace Fury speaks to the challenges of creating outside, between, and across established domains – as a woman.

Grace Fury Short Action Trailer

Grace Fury Mystery Teaser

Laura’s signature blend of Celtic, Classical, and Contemporary choreography and her inner voice, off stage and on location, take us through the different stages of her inward and outward journey. Her thoughts, questions, and realizations enlighten as they mystify. But it’s an unearthed Celtic spiral-charm that really drives this story – in substance and in form. Grace Fury “winds up” in a new place to make her stand and her peace with a greater sense of connection and purpose, bound to move hearts and minds to a new point of shared calling.

“…an autobiographical journey through dance, imagery, spoken word and the power of presence that redefines everything you’ve ever expected dance to be in a documentary…Thought provoking and freeing, immensely entertaining and trailblazing, Grace Fury is an absolute must see for connoisseurs of the arts and unique, compelling artistic expressions. “
— Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

The grace and fury of one woman’s passion can embody and move big ideas.

Her Depth…

“I look forward to presenting my latest film, Grace Fury, a very personally meaningful endeavor, that speaks from both tradition and experimentation. Although she is fundamentally biographical, revealing my progression in thought and purpose from vulnerable, firsthand exploration, I use symbol, metaphor, and fictional action from my earliest short films not only to enhance the film’s mystery and depth, but to mark my artistic “evolution”…Key elements preserved from my other projects, on stage or in short film – merged with fresh ideas and new footage – give Grace Fury layered, comprehensive form and substantiate her authentic perspective… I hope others will see her full, nuanced being and join me in her message of grace, hope and faith.”            — Laura Carruthers